Power Supplies
- 80mm Fan
- 120mm Fan
- 140mm Fan
- Modular
- 80 PLUS
- 2.5" External Enclosure
- 3.5" External Enclosure
- Laptop Cooler
- Converter
- Power Tester
- LED Cooling Fan
Need a power supply thatís powerful, clean, and easy to install with dual PCI-E connectors? This is it. The CU-series can provide up to 700 watts to power your system, and at 700W, you will have dual PCI-E connectors for better graphic capabilities! It is also a partially modular unit, so you can select the cables you want and always keeping the cables you need!
WATTS:  400W / 500W / 600W / 700W
The CUG-950 power supply is the tool you need to operate your system while giving you the power you need and the graphics capability you desire. It is built with the 3-Way SLI compatibility for users who wants an enhanced graphics experience. At high resolutions, high-end users and gamers will find this power supply a fair mechanic that can give them the experience they seek.
WATTS:  950W
The CUL-series is a semi-modular power supply that lets you select the cables you need while powering your gaming system with a 140mm Blue LED cooling fan and 6 pin PCI-E ready. **850W is offering 140mm Blue LED cooling fan & Dual 6+2 PCI-E ready. Everyone likes a clean and easy installation. This power supply allows you to keep what you want and remove what you don't. While necessary connectors, like the 20+4 pin power & 4+4 pin CPU connector are attached to the unit, you decide which of the others should stay. Customize your power supply to reflect your system.
WATTS:  550W / 650W / 750W / 850W / 950W

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