Power Supplies
- 80mm Fan
- 120mm Fan
- 140mm Fan
- Modular
- 80 PLUS
- 2.5" External Enclosure
- 3.5" External Enclosure
- Laptop Cooler
- Converter
- Power Tester
- LED Cooling Fan
Many power supplies out there claim to deliver the best power available, but at what cost? The ZP series not only delivers you the power you need, but at the 80% Plus mark. In other words, the ZP series power supplies can render high voltage at an efficiency of 80% or higher without losing its functionality. Save money on your bills while utilizing your system to its full energy potential.
WATTS:  380W / 480W
Need a power supply thatís powerful, clean, and easy to install with dual PCI-E connectors? This is it. The CU-series can provide up to 700 watts to power your system, and at 700W, you will have dual PCI-E connectors for better graphic capabilities! It is also a partially modular unit, so you can select the cables you want and always keeping the cables you need!
WATTS:  400W / 500W / 600W / 700W
The CXI-500B is great for users who need to feed their power hungry systems. It is dual PCI-E connector ready for all high end video cards for enhanced graphics, great for gamers who want that extra boost in their picture.
WATTS:  500W / 600W
A power supply that works. Thatís all thatís necessary. All the fancy colors, structure, extra connectors and accessories are miscellaneous items you can go without. All you need is durability and reliability. The V series is the perfect candidate. Something you can count on to perform the tasks without all the superfluous attachments and features.
WATTS:  500W
The honeycomb structure, controllable 120mm cooling fan and aluminum chassis gives the CS-series one of the best heat dissipation relief. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the CX-series.
WATTS:  300W / 350W / 400W / 450W / 500W / 550W
The NW-series offers a range of watts available to suit your systemís needs, but at 650 watts, youíll also enjoy the dual PCI-E connectors. So with greater power comes greater graphics. Itíll offer you the power you need, with the best automatic cooling system, and a pinch of style. In addition to all these great features, this line of power supplies also includes a lifetime warranty!
WATTS:  450W / 550W / 650W
With dual PCI-E connectors, the RM Series carries all its essentials to power your system. Enjoy the graphic rendered programs and games without the threat of overheating. Its dark aluminum chassis not only looks good, but dramatically relieves heat built-up. The 120mm fan enhances the already efficient heat dissipation rate and helps balance the cooling system with noise level. The RM Series is great for high end users to everyday casual users. Whatever your system needs, the RM Series can deliver.
WATTS:  750W / 850W / 1000W
Experience our new CL-series of power supplies. It offers a 120mm Blue LED cooling fan for your gaming system with automatic fan speed settings, so you no longer have to worry about high or low settings and if your fan is spinning too slow or too fast. The CL-series will adjust itself according to the necessary heat dissipation level. 700W offer a 6+2 PCI-E ready for better graphics capabilities. Painted in black, the CL-series works great and looks great.
WATTS:  500W / 600W / 700W
Coolmaxís M series has all that you need to power up your system. With more SATA and peripheral connectors ready, you can connect more devices to your computer. For high end CPUs and video cards, the M series will have your Xeon and PCI-E connectors ready. Whatever your needs are, the M series will help you power it up.
WATTS:  500W

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